Death on the Fringe Launch

Fri 5 Aug, 7pm

@ University of Edinburgh Old Anatomy Lecture Hall



We’re very pleased to announce Death on the Fringe, a series of shows about death, dying and bereavement taking place during festival season in Edinburgh.

We admit it’s not the cheeriest of subject matter for a festival, but that is the point! Death isn’t easy to deal with or talk about. We hope that by bringing you shows about death that move you, amuse you, entertain you or get you thinking, you will feel more able to talk and think about death, not so you feel miserable, but so that you can be less afraid to discuss these important matters with your friends and family and make the most of living a good life. We’d like to think you will come out of one of our shows resolved to visit your elderly relatives, or to discuss end of life care with your loved ones, or to take time to remember those who have already passed on, or simply to make the most of your life.

We’ve picked shows that look at death from different perspectives – some serious, some less so.  We know that people’s experience of death and grief is broad, and we have taken a similarly broad approach to the shows we have picked. We haven’t commissioned any shows or had any creative input. Our aim is simply to stimulate debate.

You’ll get all the news about our shows here on the website. In the meantime, check out the current list of Death on the Fringe shows or read more about the wider Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief project of which Death on the Fringe is a part. You can also follow us on twitter @DeathOnFringe

We hope to see you there!